Welcome, wiki editors!

This page is your go-to for jobs and projects that I need help with. I'm going to put everything that needs updating or adding. If you do one of these jobs, please edit this page, italicize the post, and put your username at the end of the job, with one of those... squigglies. For example, the job would do from:

Update the page for Mission 1


Update the page for Mission 1 ~Teamtempest

My goal is to have everything covered so that I can make wiki pages for each of the member's OCs. That's a huge project, and will require frequent updating. Luckily, the group is small enough that it is possible. 

A lot of these jobs will require information that none of us have. I'm speaking mainly for the wiki pages on the NPCs and their backstories, most of which belong to HL. Do not hesitate to talk to me, Aeris, or HL, and we'll get you the info you need, or send you to the person who can. We're all quite friendly.

It's daunting, but take it job by job, and we'll build us a fantastic wiki!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

Job List

Finish the page for Alaric

Finish the page for Pausanias

Finish page for Gawain

Finish page for Nicholas

Create page for Artiphron

Create a page for the cities of Aether (you can find them in the Wiki Doc above)

Create pages for each of the Patrons

Update the page for Mission 2-- Add part 2 when it comes out.

Person-Specific Jobs

These are jobs I want assigned to specific people. There won't be many of them, but I'm adding a section just in case.

Teamtempest's Jobs

- Start working on the Member Pages. START WORKING ON MEMBER PAGES. GAAH.

End-of-After's Jobs

- Look over pages. Edit for grammar and language mistakes.

AerisArturio's Jobs

- Edit/Add any information about your and HL's Special NPCs (Alaric, Gawain, etc.) that you care to disclose.

Amy-the-Jigglypuff's Jobs

- You've done everything specific to you, so just keep up the fantastic work! 

Heatlightningplz's Jobs

Same as Aeris pretty much. You two have the most information on Pokemon of Avalon in general. Work on information for special NPCs, especially Alaric, Nicholas, and Gawain for now. 

OC Pages

Coming soon, teamtempest is heading a project to have a page for each of the PoA OCs the members have made so far! When that project is set (aka when some more of the jobs above are finished), this project will begin. You will have the opporitunity to make a page for your own personal PoA OC. I'll be making a page for Lorelei soon so everyone will have an example.

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