History PlacrholderEdit

Voluntas attacked Gailimir, Gailimir lacked a king, therefore it lacked the force to truly combat a full army. So Voluntas had no problem taking that ground. So they were like, ok this is easy, let's get more land, Artiphron? yeh fuck them, my land now. It kept the Badiya and Gun borders guarded, BUT it did not expect Gailimir crowning a king (hilderic) and him making deals with both Badiya AND samudaay, and the enemy coming from Gailimir in full force. Then their freaking ceasar got assasinated, and the whole country was basically in fetal postion as Badiya, gun and Gailimir moved in. Then khetmaat was like "yo, wow, I don't want these asses going for me next, ARTIPHRON LOOK i GET YOU ARE PISSED, but if you help me help voluntas now you can extort them for a lot of shit once we are done? cool? COOL!" so they did that. Meanwhile big ass Gang-tie is like "you hoes, I don't like this gailimir and Badiya uprising, you all gonna stop now or I am gonna get involved" and then all the naughty children kept the land they had gained but stopped advancing. And big momma/daddy gang-tie went back to glaring at Chanyu.

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