Crime: Assault?

Wanted Poster 17

Tai Shan Icon: At least, that's the only thing I think you could call shooting people in the behind with arrows. I wish I was joking, but several people have already been shot in this manner. I mean, they aren't real, sharpened arrows luckily, but they still sting! They claim to be Cupid, but... that's unlikely. Bring them in for questioning.

Species: Togetic
Gender: Unknown
Age: Young adult, probably somewhere between 16-19
Race: Artiphron
Characteristic: Somewhat of a clown
Nature: Jolly

Description Easily identified by their piercings and tattoos, this Togetic is a bit of a trickster who thinks they have magical arrows. They've apparently been calling themselves Cupid to anyone who manages to talk to them, and is somehow convinced that being shot in the butt by one of their arrows causes a person to find true love. Needless to say, unless Guinevere down in the infirmary is everyone's dream catch, it isn't working. Some are convinced the Togetic has potions tucked away on their person, but we can't confirm this or what effect they're meant to have. Probably best to avoid getting hit by whatever 'Cupid' is trying to shoot at you though. We aren't totally sure why they've taken up this role, but they seem thoroughly satisfied to continue doing it, which is why we need to put a stop to it.

Move Set:

Tailwind - A wind blows from behind, effectively doubling the user's speed.

Air Cutter - The user attacks with razor-like wind gusts. Crits more often than normal.

Ominous Wind - A gust of repulsive wind empowered with ghostly aura is wafted through the battle. May rarely raise all stats.

Heat Wave - A wave of heated air is used as an attack. May cause burns. Only used as a last resort.

Non Required Information

Serene Grace - Has a better chance of activating secondary effects.
Super Luck - Has a better chance of scoring a critical.

Approximate Height: 2'01"

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