Crime: Er... Theft?

Wanted Poster 14

Tai Shan Icon: Usually when we put a call out for a thief, it's someone swiping money or valuables. Not this time however. This Slurpuff has been breaking into homes during meals and gobbling down everything before running off to who knows where. We're getting a lot of complaints, and no one needs to make two dinners a night. Get to it!

Species: Slurpuff
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Aetherian
Characteristic: Often takes siestas
Nature: Jolly

Description I've heard of loving food, but this one takes the cake. Literally, she's taken entire cakes. Despite her size and stature, she's actually quite the fast runner. Must have something to do with that Unburden ability... Either way, she seems to know the ins and outs of town rather well, and is quite easily able to slip in and out of people's houses undetected to get a snack. Setting out something as bait would be a good place to start if you want to help capture her. She just can't seem to avoid the temptation of a feast...

Move Set:

Aromatherapy - A sweet smell wafts through the air, healing all status conditions from the user and allies.

Play Rough - A flurry of punches is thrown in a playful way. This may lower the foe's attack.

Belly Drum - The user beats on its gut, cutting its health to maximize its attack.

Drain Punch - An odd punch that can sap away the targets health and restore the user's.

Non Required Information

Sweet Veil - Allies are prevented from falling asleep.
Unburden - If a held item is consumed, the user gains a speed boost temporarily.

Approximate Height: 2'8"

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