Voluntas (meaning: good will) is the Pokemon-of-Avalon universe's equivalent of the city of Rome and the Roman Empire in real life. It is currently ruled by a shiny male Pidgeot named Aetius, and its patron is the Legendary Pokemon Azelf.


Once starting out as seven small villages built upon seven small hills, the people in the country now known as Voluntas were not only able to easily defend their territory, but were able to conquer the aggressors and grow their empire into what it is today. They also seem to admire the nearby country of Artiphron so much that they’ve adapted a lot of aspects of their culture for themselves.


Voluntas itself is a large city that is the capital of an entire empire. The people of Voluntas have adapted a lot of Artiphron’s building techniques, culture, and the nation’s entire mythology, too. Unlike Artiphron, though, they have excellent farmers who are able to grow a lot of food thanks to structures known as aqueducts to help transfer water for miles around. The city itself is not only a major center of trade, but it is also home to the building known as the Colosseum, where people fight to the death in major battles that entertain up to as many as 50,000 spectators all at once. (There could also be full-out naval battles complete with flooded floors to simulate the ocean, or even just plain friendly fighting tournaments.)

Voluntas has a very powerful navy, and it also has a well-protected road system that people can use to walk anywhere safely throughout the empire since it is protected by warriors known as centurions, which were often farmers selected for the positions annually and are paid as compensation. Foods such as grains are free for anyone who lives in the capital city, and the city also has lots of public bath houses where people can meet to not just wash themselves, but relax, discuss the latest news, strike business deals, and more. They are indeed social centers for the people, and such buildings are not only made from marble, but concrete, too.


Unknown at this time.


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