The Tonaltzintli tribes (meaning: sun) are the Pokemon-of-Avalon universe's equivalent of real-life Central and South American tribes, most notably, the Mayan, Aztec, and Incan empires. As they are a bunch of tribes created entirely by group members, no two tribes will ever be the same. Their patron is the Legendary Pokemon Yveltal.

Current Tribes/Empires

  • Mayan Empire (Capital: City of Cuzco)
  • Aztec Empire
  • Incan Empire
  • Quetzal Tribe
  • Wosret Tribe


While many of the Tonaltzintli tribes are rather separate, there are three main kingdoms among them that are worthy of note. The tribe known as the “Mayans” arose first, and with their skills at astronomy, pottery, building, unifying large groups of people, and their reliance on corn, their empire grew to what you can see today. The “Aztecs” and “Incas” grew in a similar way, although both were after the “Mayans.”


All three of the major kingdoms see their emperors as gods, and such things as gold and other precious metals can be found throughout the territory that the Tonaltzintli tribes occupy.

The “Mayans” primarily use terrace farming to grow their primary staple food, corn, though they aren’t just farmers; they are also great traders and stonecrafters. In fact, their houses could either be made from limestone or such materials as adobe and wood. They are also able to build pyramids, palaces, fortresses, and temples. They also have a great army, but their real claim to fame are their astronomers.

The “Aztecs” also have powerful armies, which they use to control their empire, and their cities are very organized. The people are divided up into separate social classes depending on their jobs. Most notably, however, they are especially devoted to their sun god, whom they believe goes to battle against the forces of darkness after the sun sets every night. If he doesn’t receive enough energy in the way of blood sacrifices of the citizens on top of special ceremonial altars, he will be defeated by the forces of darkness, and the sun will never rise again. And on days where there is a solar eclipse, there are far more blood sacrifices made to help ensure that the sun god will triumph over the darkness that they believe would otherwise take him away.

The “Incans” are among the most technologically advanced of all the Tonaltzintli tribes, with astronomers so good that they’re even able to determine the sun’s exact position via a special building known as “Machu Picchu”. They also pride themselves in having some of the fastest runners around to deliver messages among their empire, which can also take the form of beads, strings, and knots and strings as a sort of language to convey informations. Other jobs Incans also excel in include crafting wood, smithing bronze, making ceramics, and even just making art in general. Most notable are the llamas and alpacas native to the area, and how knitters were able to use their wool to make clothes.


Unknown at this time.


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