Toga Icon

Name: Toga

Title: Leader's Son

Nation: Chanyu Tribes

Species: Pancham

Age: 13+

Characteristic: -

Nature: Serious

Move Set:


Father: Guga
Mother: Cheryl

Perhaps it's due to being raised by two parents that can be a little rough around the edges but Toga is not easily frightened or intimidated. Though he can be a bit rash and impulsive like his father at times, overall he is more serious and wants to be taken serious by the grown ups. Though he can be childish at times he at the very least tries to be mature. He doesn't really get the whole problem with Gāng Tiě and why it can't be solved, however usually keeps this to himself as he dislikes his father and others pointing out he just doesn't get it because he is a naive child. He respects his father's strength and ability to lead his their people, though besides fighting he also takes an interest in books and strategy and greatly enjoys his lesson's with his father's adviser Abo. He's well liked by the majority of the Chanyu people, and his smarts make him seem like a promising leader. However he can be a bit of a rebel and he needs to work on becoming more tactful and thinking more before acting.


As the future leader of the Chanyu tribe Toga spends a lot of time preparing to be able to take over from his father in the future, from combat training with his father to gaining more knowledge under the instruction of Abo. He would like to be able to contribute to fixing the bad relation of the Gāng Tiě and Chanyu people so they can all thrive for a better future. Though speaking with the Gāng Tiě emperor might prove a disaster as Toga isn't that tactful nor gives authorities the wise amount of respect, whenever they deserve it or not.


Mission 7: Yes We Khan

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