Tai Shan Icon

Name: Tai Shan

Title: Aether's Official Warden

Nation: Gāng Tiě

Species: Bronzong

Age: 137

Birthday: -

Characteristic: Sturdy Body

Nature: Serious

Move Set:

  • Telekinesis
  • Gravity
  • Heavy Slam
  • Stealth Rock
  • Trick Room
  • Confuse Ray

Family: -

Tai Shan is hard working and very dedicated to his job. And he loves that fact. He finds great pride and joy in keeping scum off the main street in order to keep the general populous just a bit safer. And he doesn't mind letting people know so. Even though he loves running the jail, he treats the job with the utmost importance and will seem a lot more aggravated and adamant while on duty. Don't worry, this is mostly just a show for the criminals and his way to keep his mind as focused as possible.

Off the clock, he's know to be generally much more cheerful and will often patrol around the market square and chat with shoppers and store keepers to keep information connections open. He's actually a pretty nice guy to hang around (assuming you aren't doing anything illegal) and has been known to randomly help people with small tasks, such as carrying things, hanging signs, and picking up tabs for little kids who are a few cressents short.


Tai Shan was constructed in a tiny farming village in Gāng Tiě for only one purpose: To ring every morning and wake the villagers and to bring the rain which would hydrate the crops. The system was simple, repetitive, and not exactly exciting, but it worked for Tai. After all, it was the only thing he knew. This went on quite successively for just over a century without too many issues. That was until a terrible drought hit town. A cloud couldn't form, even despite Tai Shan's best attempts. The villagers, all of whom were of a different generation than the ones who had built the Bronzong in the first place, blamed him for their crop's failures and banished him from his job.

The Bronzong wasn't sure what to do for a while as he had only done one thing. But when he helped to stop a thief in a large city by trapping her within his hollow form, he realized something else he might have been good at: Stopping villains. He tried for a few years and definitely was good at the job, but as he found out, he was much better at keeping tabs on his fellow workers and the criminals he caught; making him a better leader than anything.

Alaric took note of this when Tai showed up in his kingdom while chasing a criminal. Aether still possessed no one in charge of its barracks, and was relying on the volunteers of random warrior-class citizens to keep up and running. The shiny Serperior offered Tai a position as the kingdom's warden, to which the Bronzong happily excepted. With him around, hopefully more criminals can be brought to justice. So is his goal.