Samudaay (meaning: origin) is the Pokemon-of-Avalon universe's equivalent of real-life India. It is currently ruled by a shiny female Miltank named Amala, and its patron is the Legendary Pokemon Virizion.


Ever since Samudaayan society was founded around its rivers, the caste system was developed, which determined what rank a person was in the society since birth that would last for the rest of their lives. It is impossible for one to switch between social classes; the only possible way would be reincarnation into a different person after death, which they believe in. A strong monarchical government was created as a result, and the civilization continues to flourish today.


Samudaay is a major stopping point amidst the trade networks of the continent of Avalon, primarily trading spices and other such extremely rare items that can be found nowhere else. In Samudaayan society, cows and bulls such as Miltank, Tauros, and Bouffalant are held in the highest respect, and it is absolutely forbidden to eat them or even so much as hurt them. (It also explains why a shiny Miltank is the current ruler!) They are also known for their incredibly ornate buildings, including a certain standout one known as the Taj Mahal. And of course, the caste system, which dictates a person’s social standing for life until reincarnation. As a result, though, they have a very powerful military force, able to defend themselves well from invasions. Finally, they also have an advanced public water system as well as their cities having incredibly well-planned out layouts, even getting the exact degrees of their right angles correct.


Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time.

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