Sa parah ah sneer

Name: Sa'Perah Ah

Title: Pharaoh of Khetmaat

Nation: Khetmaat

Species: *Flygon*

Age: 41

Birthday: -

Characteristic: Thoroughly Cunning

Nature: Serious

Move Set:




Sa'Perah Ah has a rather high opinion of herself and has a hard time dealing with the possibility or notion that anyone could possibly be superior or even equal to her in any sort of way. As such, she can become rather dangerous to be around when someone isn't showing her the proper respect that someone in her position commands. She is also rather choosy when it comes to the details regarding her arrangements, such as personal dancers; while she's okay with both male and female dancers, she is very picky about who gets to make the cut. She's also a relentless taskmaster and likes to get things done in the kingdom when they should get done. Regarding the Trial of Emotion as well as the new people from Aether, she doesn't mind that they're coming to prove themselves, but she sure hopes that they'll at least do somewhat okay overall, or else she wouldn't consider allying with the new kingdom worth her time.


Sa'Perah Ah didn't actually become the Pharaoh until the sudden death of her brother about 10 years ago, but has proven to be a natural for the position and arguably even better at it. In addition to finishing up the projects that her brother started, she had several more pyramids built specifically for herself and for her new family hopefully later on. Now her main focus includes not just keeping all of Khetmaat united and putting down any sort of rebellions, but finding a suitable heir to the throne. Due to her pickiness, however, such a task is proving rather difficult.


- MISSION 6: Stuck In A Glass Case of Emotion