Rose Icon

Name: Rosamir "Rose"

Title: Castle Servant

Nation: Gailamir

Species: Lillipup

Age: 18

Birthday: -

Characteristic: Likes to Relax

Nature: Timid

Move Set:

  • Baby-Doll Eyes
  • Tackle
  • Fire fang
  • Attract


Mother: ??? (Deceased)

Father: Hilderic (Deceased)

Betrothed: Tullius

Rather shy and reserved. Rose tends to be very quiet and well mannered. She wouldn't hurt a fly.


She is a servant who works at Alaric's castle. She spends most of the day sweeping the ancient castle floors and if not, she can be found at the castle garden conversing with a Voluntian friend of her's. She traveled away from her previous kingdom, and if asked why she claims that it was no longer the home she remembered it to be.


Mission 5: The Mad King