Faversholm is a small, poor town located approximately 32 miles south of Aether, the kingdom of His Highness, Alaric the Serperior. Once a thriving grassy plain and home to a large copper and coal mine, it is now little more than an arid tundra. Years of excavations and multiple cave-ins have rendered the mine nearly empty and inaccessible. The copper that has been collected over the decades is still stored in a secluded area and is used in conjunction with other metals to create weapons and armor, and for trading purposes; Faversholm’s blacksmiths are still praised for their high-quality bronze daggers. (As a side note, Isaac the Lucario is a proud owner of one of these fine daggers.) Though the villagers have fallen on tough times, they still harbor a hope that, someday, the mine can be reopened and the village can thrive once more.

Faversholm is run by an old Metagross who goes by the name "Megaliden". He is a serious fellow who often has trouble hearing; as a result, he may ask (you) to repeat some words, and may start shouting in order to be able to hear himself. He is fully dedicated to equality and to the well-being of the citizens of Faversholm, and is willing to establish trade agreements with those he trusts...especially if said trade agreements will be beneficial to both parties.

Guide written by: IHMH1464
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