Galeford is a town only a little farther from Aether, and is known for it's strong winds, hence it's name. For years it was deserted, as no house could withstand the great gusts of wind. But one day a group of architects planned a building design that could resist the gales. Later, after many months of planning (and broken houses) the perfect wind-proof house was built, and many Pokemon began to rush into the once empty area, and became Galeford. As of now many rich families live there, as it was seen as great strength to brave an obstacle like the winds of Galeford. However, as in most towns, along with the rich... is the poor. A great number of peasants and beggars come to Galeford due to the fact that there are always enough houses available, as not many Pokemon trust the safety, and prefer the protection of their old homes. However, the super safe houses are reserved for the rich, thus forcing them to live in cheaper, less reliable houses, and many times a house was swept away, along with the residents inside. The mayor of the town is a rich slaking named Cornelius, who enjoys relaxing in his luxurious house, and tries to keep everything happy for the residents of the town... that is, the rich residents. Other residents are Julian's family, and his old friend, Vendetta.

Guide written by: Novaquaza
Original post: PoA Galeford Description