One of the largest port cities of Khetmaat, Alexandria was founded by a famous conqueror from the northernmost regions of Artiphron who extended his empire far into the eastern regions of Avalon. Though he had named many of his towns throughout his empire with the same name, the Alexandria in Khetmaat is arguably one of the most famous, mainly for its harbor, lighthouse, and library.

Situated just south of the delta region, Alexandria houses a population of well over five hundred thousand residents and is ruled by a Artiphronian governor, despite the fact that the area is still under Khetmaat control, but the relations between the two nations have so far been very peaceful, so there is no current threat of violence. The city is also a major site of Artiphronian influence, which can be proven by the Artiphronian art there in the form of sculptures, buildings, literature, mosaics, and the like.

The Alexandria Lighthouse stands on an island a few miles from the harbor. A massive monolith made out of white stones that were sealed together with molten lead and topped with a golden statue of an Artiphronian god, the entire structure stands approximately 400 feet tall. Though it has aged quite some time, and most of the white stones are now a bit dingy, it is still quite a magnificent sight. The harbor itself is quite large and can hold several large ships. Like most harbors, it has several docks and a large dry dock and a shipyard.

The Great Alexandrian Library is located not too far from the executive district of the large city. Situated on top of a hill, the library is home to thousands -- if not millions -- of texts, including translations of epics from different civilizations, how-to guides, data about the floods, harvests, births and deaths; and philosophical works by many great thinkers. Perhaps if you come up with an extraordinary story someday in the future a student might find your work on one of the shelves in this grand library!

The city's main source of income comes from trade since it is a harbor city. According to the most recent trade logs, the main trading partners of Alexandria are Aether, Artiphron, Voluntas, and (surprisingly) Gunjynh.

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