The Pae'aina Tribes (meaning: gathering of the islands) are the Pokemon-of-Avalon universe's equivalent of real-life Atlantic and Pacific islanders, including Hawaii. As they are a bunch of tribes created entirely by group members, no two tribes will ever be the same. Their patron is the Legendary Pokemon Manaphy.

Current Tribes

  • None identified yet


The people known as the Pae’aina tribes living on the chain of islands surrounding the continent of Aether have lived there for as long as anyone can remember. Some theories say that some Pokemon got tired of living in the sea and wanted to try land for a change, while others may have already heard of the islands from the mainland and wanted to move there. Whatever the case, they developed their own distinct, unique culture, and whenever one island would get too big, they would move to another one. There are also many, many more islands that are uninhabited that even they don’t know of, and some islands they don’t touch due to their significance.


Pae’aina tribes can be classified by their extensive oral history, their traditions, and most especially their skills in seafaring and surfing. As a primarily oral culture, they have the ability to memorize chants that go back centuries and family trees (traced down through the mother’s side) that go back dozens of generations without even so much as needing to write them down. Communities are extremely closely knit, with the people of each island treating their chief with the utmost respect, and they developed such traditions as the hula and fire dancing to an art form. They are also able to make any sort of intricate pattern out of flowers.

What these tribes truly excel at, however, is anything to do with the sea. Pretty much anyone knows how to fish, and they made their own nets and hooks out of the bones of fish or their ancestors, which they believe holds the power of the dead people. Surfing is considered a very popular sport, with even surfing competitions being held for fun. Most notably, they are excellent canoe-builders who can use the stars, waves, seabirds, clouds, and the wind to navigate their way around the ocean.


Tends to be with other Pae’aina tribes who are helpful to them.


Tends to be with other Pae’aina tribes who hurt them.

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