Despite his ready appearance he is still young and ignorant, with much to learn before he is is ready to lead the kingdom in his father's stead. Nicholas is generally well mannered and respectable, as is to be expected from any prince. Despite the recent events he is still optimistic, though memories of the flood still haunt him and not a day passes without him missing his mother and sister greatly.

He is essentially still a teen in the way he acts, sometimes even a little spoiled thanks to the many years of living a comfortable life. He acts mature to keep his princely image, though in reality he is actually quite the rambunctious fun-loving guy. The only person he completely takes an order from is his father, Alaric (although there have been occasions were he has gone so far as to challenge his authority in some minor ways). He tries to keep up with his duties as prince, though occasionally he may slack off if he feels things are weighing too much on him.


Nicholas had been, for the first half of his life, an orphan. The young Eevee wandered the streets of Adonai by himself before being adopted into the royal family. The king had found himself endeared with the little Eevee after meeting the young boy on one of his visits to the nearby village. Alaric raised him as one of his own, teaching him all the knowledge he would need to rule in his stead.

He developed an interest in swordsmanship and archery at quite an early age after observing the knights in their training. Despite his personal tutor's disagreement, the knights gladly trained the boy as he learned to walk on his hind legs. This caused him to loose focus on the more important teachings he would receive on his road to becoming a proper prince, earning him extra years of studying until he was deemed ready. His training has shaped him into a skilled fighter, although he still lacks actual experience in battle.

To this day he helps tend to their new kingdom by his father's side, although the days have become rather dull and boring. The prince wishes he could go out and gain real experience, but the kingdom requires his assistance now more than ever.

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