Morgana is the court physician's personal assistant for Guinevere. She was created by SirNorm.

Emoticon happy morgana by sirnorm

Name: Morgana

Title: Court Physician's Personal Assistant

Nation: Sazanami

Species: Amaura

Age: 24

Birthday: January 25th

Characteristic: Highly curious.

Nature: Naughty.

Move Set:

Freeze Dry ~ Protect

Light Screen ~ Thunder Wave


Morgana is a clumsy Amaura, she sometimes tends to a lot of things wrong, but she will eventually get it all right. She also likes to flirt with injured male Pokemon because a lot of "handsome" knights that been injured tends to interest her the most. Luckily Guinevere will stop her from flirting with the patients. Morgana tend to make Guinevere angry quite a bit, but still is a very good assistant by gathering items or doing some jobs for Guinevere while she is busy doing something else. Morgana is also slightly girly and can be childish sometimes, but most of the time, she is very chatty with patients and everyone around Aether. Unfortunately, she likes barging into other people's business, but that's just how she rolls. Another unfortunate thing is that Morgana's presence can give a very cold feeling (except for fire and ice types) to everyone she comes across but at least they'll get used to it.


Morgana came to Avalon very recently, she wanted to start fresh from her home town in Sazanami because she hated her boring old job as being a chef's assistant and serving food to other Pokemon, unfortunately she keeps freezing the food, so she wasn't really a good person for that job. Anyway, Morgana met Guinevere as soon as she came to Aether and was asking Gwen if she had any available jobs for her. Guinevere shrugged and thought that Morgana could be a personal assistant for Gwen since she is always busy as more Pokemon had been injured and also the fact that her lum berries keeps getting stolen. Morgana agreed to become her personal assistant and had to start working instantly, she doesn't even have a home yet!

Don't worry though, Guinevere suggested that Morgana can sleep in one of the patient's bed till she has a house.

Now Morgana is working safely in the Infirmary, hopefully not making a lot of mistakes like when she was a chef's assistant.