Misty is quite the chatterbox, especially when it comes to anything to do with her job. She’ll talk swiftly, not always noticing a lack of interest or an inability to keep up with her storm of words, to an often unwilling audience. If she realises she might have gotten a little too worked up about something, she becomes embarrassed and awkward, and usually ends up fleeing the situation. She won’t stay down for long though, and is always bouncing back with her overall bubbly personality. Despite Misty’s own predictions being seen as either scientific or magical depending on who you ask, she appears to not be fond of either field, nor those that practice it, and tends to avoid both.


Misty has been Aether’s resident weather forecaster for quite some time now. Her abilities as a Castform allow her to be very in tune with the weather of the world around her, thus her record of predictions is flawless. She doesn’t like to talk about her family or what happened before she began working in Aether, and instead prefers to talk about her current family: her colleagues at Aether’s news and mail service. However, the exception to her lack of adherence to her past is her treasured necklace. Despite it being a powerful artifact, Misty refuses to use its power, as she strongly dislikes messing with the natural weather of the world unless the need to do so is dire.


A necklace with a mirror like pendant and 4 beads containing weather rock fragments: heat, icy, smooth and damp. The metal of the mirror seems like a strange mix of liquid and gas, yet is completely solid. It seems to give Misty the power to temporarily control/change the weather, or at the very least change her form. Depending on how much energy is spent by the artifact, the weather rock used as a catalyst has to be replaced.