Arc 1

Event 1 Button

M1 Button

Event 2 Button

M2 Button
"Hauntings of the Past"
Part 1 Button Part 2 Button

M3 Button
"The Brewing of an Ominous Storm"

M4 Button
"Against All Odds"
Part 1 Button Part 2 Button

M5 Button
"The Mad King"
Part 1 Button Part 2 Button

Event 5 Button
"To Wed a King"

M6 Button
"Stuck in a Glass Case of Emotion"

Event 6 Button
"Summer's Solstice Festival"

M7 Button
"Yes We Khan"

M8 Button
"Uprooting the Dark's Hold and Going Batty"

M9 Button
"Snakes in the Grass"

Event 9 Button
"The Ball"

M10 Button
"Tidings of War"
Part 1 Button Part 2 Button Part 3 Button Part 4 Button
Part 5 Button Part 6 Button Part 7 Button Epilogue Button

Event 10 Button
"Festival of Lights"

Arc 2

M11 p1 Button M11 p2 Button

M12 Button

Harvest Fest Button

M13 Button

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