Below is a list of special crests given out to members who successfully completed a mission or event on time.

List of Special ItemsEdit

Picture Name Awarded during: Description
Event 1 Egg Rock
Easter Rock Event 1: The Great Egg Hunt! A item given out to those who took part in the great egg hunt. The gold silhouette of a Serperior handsomely decorates this item.
Wisdom Crest
Crest of Wisdom Mission 1: Wisdom to Thrive A beautiful crest awarded to those who managed to overcome the trials of the labyrinth. Based on the wisdom being Uxie, brilliant shining yellowish gold and silver polished like a mirror topped off by a ruby red gem.
Yubel Ticket
Yubel's Ticket Mission 3: The Brewing of an Ominous Storm An interesting ticket given out to those who managed to awaken the God Ryujin. Those who own one have access to all the Special NPC shops.
Willpower Crest
Crest of Willpower Mission 4: Against All Odds A stunning crest retrieved by those who survived the Caesar's cursed gauntlet. Based on the willpower being Azelf, clear sparkeling azure and silver polished like a mirror topped off by a ruby red gem.
Emotion Crest
Crest of Emotion Mission 6: Stuck In A Glass Case of Emotion A gorgeous crest given to those who were able to pass Zenorah's test. Based on the emotion being Mesprit, a soothing persian pink and silver polished like a mirror topped off with a ruby red gem.
Symbol of Friendship
Symbol of Friendship Mission 7: Yes We Khan A badge depicting a crescent moon and a single star; the symbol of Guga's tribe. Having this crest shows that its bearer has helped the Chanyu tribe and that they are welcome within their territory.
Aether Charm
Aetherian Royal Emblem Mission 8: Uprooting the Dark's Hold and Going Batty A stunning crest designed after the Atherian royal symbol. Those citizens who wear it have shown great devotion to the kingdom in trying times.
Ness Badge
Ulster's Seal Mission 9: Snakes in the Grass Ard Rí Ness was never one to show humility. This badge, awarded to those who kept him safe from assassination, displays his full "stunning regality" in a coiled serpent around the symbol for eternity. And who knows: maybe he'll treat you to a smile if you wear this badge in his presence...
Bran Badge
Lord's Emblem Mission 9: Snakes in the Grass His plan may have failed, but Lord Bran is nothing if not good for his word. Those who lent a helping hand to the assassination attempt on Ness will receive this handsome badge depicting the Sword of Nuada piercing an Ulsterian knot. Wear this, and Lord Bran will welcome you with open arm-wing-thingies.

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