Milly Delusory - Portrail

Name: Milly Delusory

Race: Aether (Medieval Europe, France)

Residence: Aether

Species: Mawile

Age: 23

Birthday: 15 January

Characteristic: Strong willed

Nature: Serious

Move Set:

Flash Cannon ~ Shadow Ball

Focus Blast ~ Taunt

Milly Delusory is a Mawile from Aether (Medieval Europe) or precisely in the French region. She lives in a small abandoned castle with his adoptive father and also Tranquilla. She is very good at writing poetry, although it's a Storyteller. Despite her appearance, it's someone very nice (except when she gets angry).

This is a character created by Adrien123.


Milly is very carefree. Very brave for a simple citizen, she doesn't care of herself and she isn't afraid of anything (except those few fears). Although both quiet and pressed, it's actually a good girl and voluntary. But she refuses to cooperate with a Sableye for reasons that experienced in the past.

Despite its highly developed intelligence, sometimes she can talk too fast because of stress. Since childhood, she has reached a disorder of speech articulation called dysarthria. It's hard to speak properly, but also struggling to write a good sentence. Despite its problems, this is someone polite (except when it is angry) and optimistic.

She interested in ancient stories and a little to the the families's stories whose Apirana Sumiura's family. Moreover, she refuses to marry someone, regardless if he was already married to someone else or not. Besides, she hates divorce of a couple. If this is the case, it will try to found by any means. It is also an expert in poetry.

Many people think that this is a witch because of her look, but Milly refuses to speak on this subject as well as its strange wand and his book where the word "Magic" is written on the book. However, she can talk the problem out of her belly. It seems that, apart from that, he is hiding something else. Not her big scars she had on his accident, of course...

History Before ArrivalEdit

Born in Medieval Europe (France), it was abandoned then found by his adoptive father, an old Pokemon and tired by his obscure events. Living in a small abandoned castle, she grew up there, and with room bookcase, intelligence is much more developed for a young Pokemon. But his illness dysarthria and his stress made ​​her faults. Nevertheless, this is a young Pokemon that has the will and courage.

Despite a difficult beginning (three years old at the time) in a small village (3.11 miles from the small abandoned castle), but also because of his outfit that resembled her a witch, the villagers made him peace after the Milly's exploits during his early childhood. But when the day of his thirteenth birthday, Dr. Sableye, where he is primarily the Milly's doctor during medical examinations, has injured seriously his patient, leaving him as big scars on her belly. The accident also claimed the lives of Milly's first friend.

Miraculously, then so it was between life and death, villagers and the Milly's adoptive father have managed to reanimate her when she wakes up one month after his accident. But her belly him suffers terribly, she forced him to stay in bed for a great time. During the day of his fourteenth birthday, his pain has almost disappeared, while allowing him to leave on his bed. When she found his adoptive father, the latter told him that is not his real father and that his real parents are a Zangoose and a Mawile. He couldn't show him the pendant when his adopted daughter had when she was little (stolen by Dr. Sableye which has also disappeared after the accident).

After I finished reading his latest book, she decided to leave the castle to go elsewhere, but also to find other books so that she can learn a little more about the world and its origins.

History After ArrivalEdit

In progress...

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