The ship that weathered the torture of the elements to bring everyone here has definitely seen better days, but all aboard appear to be safe and sound! ...Outside of potentially feeling terribly ill and being soaked to the bone. Filing everyone off the battered boat, Bon moves ahead to address the Aetherians before the base of some very tall and intimidating looking cliffs.

Bon Talking: Here we are at the cliffs - and right on schedule too. Welcome to Sazanami, glad you all survived the trip.

Nicholas Annoyed: Blech… ugh, I think I’m gonna --

Bon Annoyed: Ah-ah, if you’re going to hurl, do it over there, kid.

Bon Icon: Now, where are those friends of mine? They should be waiting around here… oh, there they are.

An angry squeak announces a Surskit and Venonat before they emerge from a nearby patch of tall reeds growing near the base of the cliffs.

Kyo Worried: What the HECK, Bon-san?! Why’d you compromise our positions like that?!

Aoi Worried: Yes, that was not very nice.

Bon Talking: Nice to see you too, ladies. Kid, if you’re done heaving over there, I’d like to introduce you to Sonoda Kyo and Aoi, sisters who work at the farm on top of the cliff here.

Nicholas Talking: Hello. I am Prince Nicholas of --

Kyo Icon: Of Aether, yes, we know.

Aoi Icon: And it is great to meet you! Come, let us head to the farm. We have got a while to go, so we had better start.

Nicholas Confused: … alright. But, um, how are we going to get up there? That cliff is huge!

Aoi Icon: Do not worry, there is a path built into the side of the cliff.

Nicholas Confused: Really?

Kyo Icon: Yeah. Just squint, real hard, and you’ll see it.

Bon Serious: We’d better hurry, before anyone spots us.

The frog starts with sure steps towards the cliff, and Nicholas lifts a brow in curiosity before following, the bug sisters as his side. As they reach the cliff-face, he’s able to see the narrow rock path zigzagging towards the peak, and he whistles low under his breath.

Nicholas Determined: Wow, that’s impressive! Who built this path?

Kyo Icon: Our ancestors, long ago. They built it as a quick route down to the beach for quick es --

Aoi Worried: Es-Establishing of trade routes… is that not correct, sister?

Kyo Worried: Ah, yeah, right. It’s a lot easier to bring produce and grain to merchant ships down the cliff to the beach than it is to go the long way around.

Bon Serious: Enough with the history lesson; we’ve got present troubles to deal with now.

Nicholas Serious: Like what? We arrived in Sazanami safely, despite the “death vortexes” - what is there left to fear?

Bon Annoyed: Soldiers. Lots and lots of soldiers. And they will not be happy that we landed on shore undetected.

Aoi Worried: Bon-san is right. The patrols will be all over the countryside, looking for outsiders… especially since others from your country have already been captured.

Nicholas Shocked: What?! When? Where?

Nicholas Worried: A-And my father… was he also -- ?

Kyo Icon: No, he hasn’t. From what we can tell, he’s not even in Sazanami yet.

Nicholas Disappointed: That’s a relief…

Nicholas Worried: But what about the others? We should do something!

Bon Serious: Only if you want to get captured. The best thing for us to do is head for the rendezvous point your father told the others about. Hopefully they’ve figured out how to escape by then, and it will be a happy reunion for all.

Nicholas Serious: Alright… so, how do we get to the rendezvous point?

Aoi Icon: Leave that to us, ouji-san. We can arrange for you and the rest of your citizens to dress as farmers and come with us to deliver rice to town.

Kyo Icon: Once we’re in the town, we can point you in the direction of the guild headquarters - where that great big owl lives. Just be incognito and you shouldn’t be caught.

Bon Icon: And don’t worry, I’ll be with you every step of the way, kid. So long as you stick with me, we’ll get to the headquarters in one piece.

Nicholas Disappointed: … and Father will be waiting for us there…

Nicholas Determined: Okay, sounds like a plan. Let’s get going.


Head to the rendezvous point by the guild headquarters and meet up with Alaric and (hopefully) the other group members. The guild headquarters is in Yagami’s house (in the center of the town by the harbor), and he will be expecting you, ready to welcome you with open wings.

To get there undetected is the main priority - and luckily, you have Bon and his farming friends to help. First, head to the rice field farm on top of the cliff, after climbing the rocky path; there, you will receive some farmer outfits from the workers. (Note: they are all Bug-types). Make sure your character is wearing these outfits at all times, since being seen by a guard without one will result in your capture.

Then, Bon, Aoi and Kyo will lead you (and Prince Nicholas) to the town, under the pretense of helping them deliver some rice to market. You will accompany them in a train of wagons, passing through several guard checks. No sudden movements or suspicious behavior; otherwise, the guards will notice and (you guessed it) end up putting you in chains. As you’re going through the guard checks, you might hear some gossip about the other warlords of Sazanami... This could be good intel for the future, especially since your original goal is patch up relationships between them. (See references on Aoi and Kyo below for more information. Your character can hear and/or discover the gossip described in any fashion you choose.)

Aoi & Kyo - The Sister Farmers

Once in the town, Aoi and Kyo will depart with the wagons for the market while Bon takes you to Yagami’s house and the headquarters. Show your character arriving - but go no further, as Part 3 will pick up from there.

Bon has updated his map to give a general idea of the path you'll be traveling to reach Yagami. You can find it here!

PART 2 WILL BE ACTIVE UNTIL: :star: July 30th, 5:59pm EST.

Don’t forget, this mission is only available if you chose Bon’s path for Part 1! Happy sneaking, everyone!

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