Bon Talking: Well, well, look who showed up! I knew some of you would have the sense to hear me out.

Bon Icon: Well, you came all this way, I may as well get straight to point. We’re going to sail directly from Aether to Sazanami on a boat we borrow from the harbour.

Bon Annoyed: ...what?

Bon Serious: It ain’t stealing, it’s salvaging and, unless any of you have a spare ship on ya’, it’s what we gotta do.

Nicholas Talking: Don’t worry, we can arrest him for thievery after all of this is said and done.

Bon Confused: Uh… what are you doing here?

Nicholas Determined: Oh, well, I have to get to Sazanami to help somehow and I could tell that neither Reilly or Yori would let me come with them, so here I am!

Bon Confused: ...

Bon Annoyed: Sure, whatever.

Bon Talking: Anyway, for all of you who want to see the route we’ll be taking, gather ‘round.

Bon Map

Nicholas Worried: Uhhh, about this route-

Bon Icon: Yeah?

Nicholas Worried: It has us sailing right through what is labeled “DEATH VORTEX” in all capital letters.

Bon Icon: Yeah.

Nicholas Worried: Is-is it supposed to be like that?

Bon Icon: Yep.

Nicholas Annoyed: Great…

Bon Talking: No need to look so glum, kid, I can get us through the vortex and all of the other dangerous stuff along the way.

Nicholas Worried: Oh, there’s MORE than just a Death Vortex, what, was that not enough danger?

Bon Talking: ‘Parently not, because there’s plenty of other currents, maelstroms, rocks, reefs, and storms to worry about.

Nicholas Annoyed: Joy…

Bon Serious: It’s a rough path, near impossible to navigate but I can get us through. Doesn’t mean it’ll be easy though, I’ll need everyone to have their wits about them for this whole journey because if someone isn’t cutting it well enough, we’ll all end up swallowed by the sea.

Bon Talking: That being said, I totally got this, trust me.

Nicholas Confused: Aaah, okay…?

Bon Icon: Excellent. Now, after we’ve traversed this fresh watery-hell, we’ll ditch the boat near these cliffs by the rice fields and meet up with some friends of mine. Hopefully without any of you ungainly adventurers catching the attention of roaming samurai that I’ve heard have taken up patrolling around the fields.

Nicholas Serious: “Friends” as in rogues like you?

Bon Icon: No, no, just farmers.

Nicholas Confused: Farmers?

Bon Talking: Mmhmm, farmers. They’ll help disguise us and lead us to their farmstead, we’ll be safe there. Once we get there, I’ll tell you all how we’ll get to the meeting point so we can find your dad, kiddo.

Nicholas Embarrassed: Uhh, maybe let’s not let him know I’m there…

Bon Talking: Yeah, I’ll leave you to handle your daddy issues yourself.

Bon Serious: As for the rest you, if you feel like you can make through this trip, then follow me, we got a boat to borrow.


Join Bon in sailing through the more treacherous part of the Sazanami sea. The goal is to reach the rice markets at the tops of the cliffs safely and unnoticed!

Bon seems very confidant in his ability to safely navigate the perilous currents that plague the coasts south of Lugia’s shrine. Nevertheless, you won’t be safe once you reach the rice market and will need to leave soon. Hordes of samurai under employ from one of the country’s many warlords patrol the countryside, ready to apprehend any suspicious looking Pokemon they happen to come across. So be careful no matter what! One false move and you’ll be a warlord’s prisoners!

- Depict your character joining Bon.

- Your mission should end either at the cliffs OR at the rice market, do not depict your character going anywhere further as results of this part will determine whether or not this route was successful.

- These entries do not have to be detailed and just act as a placeholder for the route you’ve chosen.

- This means you can choose to show as much or as little as you want of the route in this first entry.

- After the due date this route may be potentially closed off, so make sure that if you choose this one that you get something in showing that!

The due time for this part of the mission is June 28th, 5:59pm EST:

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