Liam might seem somewhat standoffish and curt when you first meet him, unless you are coming to him with a job. He warms up quickly though and once you get to know him, or rather him to know you, he is actually rather pleasant to be around. His usual demeanor is generally light hearted; enjoying banter, old stories, songs, etc. He can be fairly reluctant to speak about some points of his past experiences, but the more he feels he can trust you, the more likely he is willing to share.

He is generally always jovial during festivals and in the warmer months of the year. During the winter and in cold climates however, he seems to be in a perpetual foul mood. Despite this, he always enjoys being in the company of others, even if you can’t see it on his face at times. Liam is one to often make jokes to lighten a mood, though he tends to use grim or self-deprecating humor in tense situations, which can have the opposite effect.

He takes his work very seriously and is willing to do what it takes to finish a job, as he knows his family needs him for support. He will kill when necessary and break laws to make sure he gets paid in the end. This can often lead to Liam being far more reckless than he should be, despite being a fairly calculated person. This usually leads to his injury, in some cases severe, and often the effects of his curse kicking in fully, which can throw him into a panic as his sight is lost. While he doesn’t fear death as much as he should, he is afraid of the consequences that would come from him dying, especially for his family. Nonetheless, he will stand shoulder-to-shoulder till the end.

He used to spend much of his free time out in the forests that surround Aether, however he's settled himself in town now, close to the market district and guild halls. He can occasionally be found hanging around Gavin's stall or at Brook Snout Inn for food and drink, but for the most part he is frequently out looking for work around town. He will still travel out to the forests, though not nearly as often. He is almost always being followed by Bayard.

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