Let me tell you a story, you see.
One of a little Dratini
This Dratini had a gift
What gift you ask?
Why, the gift of knowledge of times past,
For when the Dratini shared said gift,
She was looked at strangely,
Was always picked last.

They all called her strange, weird and wrong.
But the little Dratini continued along.
For she knew she would grow,
Big and strong, for those before her,
Have passed these along.

Despite all of these beliefs, she was left in the dust

Simply weak.

She picked herself up, and continued on her way
To where the box of Pandora lay
She made a wish then waited a day
Then she say a Pokemon Fae

'Why you so sad?' the Pokemon asked,
For she know for a fact, she seemed quite downcast.

'I've naught a friend, or any strength! Why use am I, at all?'

'Everything happens for a reason,' the fae affirmed.

'Perhaps you haven't exactly confirmed,
Your purpose to you existence you will find,
Only, honestly, in good time.'

So the Dratini trained hard, fighting for her life.
Until one day when a goddess took her strife.

'Young Dratini, so sweet, I give you a blessing.
I'll let you touch the sky, as the clouds are so high,
You can then control elements that borne next to thee,
For you have had hardships, teased in poked -- not anymore,
Your fires have been stoked.
You have a determination that few other have,
So be happy little one, your feats have paid off.'

There was a flash of light, then all stood still.
Little Dratini, was utterly a-thrill,
For now she could start a legacy for sure,
She took to the air,
For she was a Dragonair,
As the goddess vanished from sight.

Poem written by: AlexE98
Original post: Let Me Tell You