Khetmaat (meaning: service) is the Pokemon-of-Avalon universe's equivalent of real-life Ancient Egypt. It is currently ruled by a shiny female Flygon named Sa-Perah Ah, who is considered as the Pharaoh. Its patron is the Legendary Pokemon Mesprit.


Thousands of years ago, people have settled around the banks of the great river that flows throughout the country now known as Khetmaat. Despite there being occasional strive in the form of disputes regarding succession if the Pharaoh has no heirs, the society has been remarkably stable.


In Khetmaat, life in this world isn’t considered nearly as important as life in the next. As a result, the buildings where people live in are made of mere mud bricks, while their tombs are gigantic stone structures known as the pyramids that are made of far more permanent limestone. And these structures are made most especially for the Pharaohs; rulers of the entire country who are believed to have not only descended from the gods themselves, but actually are gods as well.

The country has some of the most excellent stonemasons in the world who not only have helped to build the pyramids, but their many temples in which they pray to their gods, as well as sphinxes that stand as guardians of the Land of the Dead to the west, where the tombs for all the past pharaohs are laid. It is known as the Valley of the Kings, designed when it soon became apparent that the traps in the pyramids weren't sufficient enough to keep tomb robbers out.

They developed a writing system in the form of hieroglyphics from keeping track of market transactions to telling stories. They have developed a type of parchment to write on known as papyrus, which are pieces of paper mashed from papyrus plants growing on the banks of the great river. Speaking of the great river, it floods remarkably reliably every year, allowing people to grow crops, and is the only river in the known world to flow from south to north. The people use an advanced irrigation system to take advantage of it, and even grow such plants as papyrus that they use to create paper.

In terms of art style, they tend to feature composite poses (side view for head and feet, frontal view for body) for the most important people, while less important people are portrayed more realistically, but always at a set of fixed ideal proportions. (Which really vary depending on Pokemon to Pokemon.)


Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time.

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