Jackson takes the idea of “the friendly ghost” to a new level. Mischievous and giddy to the point of recklessness, Jackson floats through life with a cheery grin, eager to meet new ‘mons and ready with a joke or laugh (even in inappropriate situations). Maybe this is because he was sealed in a tomb for most of his afterlife: his disrespect for personal space and lack of tact in conversations would certainly attest to that. But no matter the reason, this happy-go-lucky Gengar is just happy to be free, ready to assist Alaric and the others in their duties across the kingdom.


There is not much known about Jackson’s past, as he has not been very forthcoming about it. What is known is that he was once king of Aether, estimated around one thousand years ago, before the kingdom’s destruction. Before his death, soon after his coronation, he took the Celestial Stone -- a sacred rock important to the people -- and hid it away in the tombs in order to protect it from their enemies. But the enemy came anyway. Jackson remembers searing heat, choking smoke -- then, waking up as a Gastly, sealed away with the Celestial Stone for companionship. However while he regained some other memories over the years, much is still lost to him. As time passed he gained strength, his reach over Aether spreading, and chasing off all that came to disturb the slumbering dead. The priest who had survived the onslaught however kept his spirit, that grew vengeful over the years, bound to the tomb, so that it would not spread far beyond the capital.

Until the tomb was at last opened by Alaric and the citizens of Aether. After an initial rough-start with the current regime, Jackson has since opened up, and with his knowledge of Aether’s history, not to mention all of Avalon, he is eager to help Alaric and the others figure out what is going on in their continent.

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