Driven mad by the death of his beloved wife, Hilderic became an unstable man. His actions, now dictated by rage, have been quite irrational as his own kingdom would put it, though no one would dare oppose him. The slightest hint of treachery is repaid by a death sentence with orders coming directly from the king. He was once a much wiser man, as strong and noble as any king was expected to be. Nowadays he simply squanders his time in his own rage, finding ways to make their rival Voluntas to pay for what they did.


He took the throne at a young age after his father died, immediately marrying a Herdier of noble status to rule by his side. With much luck, they managed to have a single daughter of whom they cared for very much.

Hilderic was never too fond of the Voluntians, but he was adamant in keeping the peace between both kingdoms as his father before him did. They often organized dinners and visits with its Ceasar, Aetius, to keep the relationship between both kingdoms stable. All of this went awry after his wife had been killed by a Voluntian arrow, the very same used by Aetius' guards. All established connections with their neighboring kingdom were immediately broken and now they are at the brink of war.