Gunjynh (meaning: humming) is the Pokemon of Avalon universe's equivalent of real-life Persia and the Persian Empire. It is currently ruled by a male shiny Liepard named Asha, and its patron is the Legendary Pokemon Moltres.


The people in the area known as Gunjynh developed much like many of the other countries in Avalon; except that instead of one river, people settled between two rivers, and from there, their civilization grew into a mighty empire.


The people of Gunjynh have a very advanced empire with such things as a sophisticated postal system, a network of roads on which to travel through it, and many farmers to take advantage of the two rivers to help produce a lot of food. Government wise, though there is a single king, it is a bureaucratic system in which the king gets help in order to govern the vastness of the land and its various aspects. It maintains a professional and well-trained army to help defend against outsiders and even to conquer other areas sometimes. They were also among the first to develop a series of aquaducts to provide water to the people all around the empire, inspiring other tribes to join them.

Most notably, however, is that unlike many other nations, the rulers of Gunjynh always allow the people of their conquered territories to keep their religions and ways of life, and never burns any cities to the ground. As a result, the people under them are extremely devoted and loyal to them, making them one of the largest empires on the continent of Avalon.


Unknown at this time.


  • Artiphron (Greece)
  • Voluntas (Rome)

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