I am Cetanwakuwa, Leader of the Wakuwa Tribe. You may call me Wak. Of course, we were formed 29 years ago, we are now recruiting. Our home, Galamir is where our tribe is. We are nomadic, meaning that we move with our food source. We mainly hunt buffalo for food and clothing, and we respect the creatures of the avian family. You must have my permission to join, however. But, once you do, you must respect Galamir rule, otherwise you will be penalized by King Hilderic himself. I am in Hilderic's Army, and I joined 28 years ago. We stay in peace with the land, and we live in tepees. All the comforts of home, yes, but, like I said, we are nomadic. We use plants for medicine, and are smart and quick.

Guide written by: Green-Fire-Snivy
Original post: Guide to the Wakuwa Tribe