Guga Icon

Name: Guga

Title: Leader(King)

Nation: Chanyu Tribes

Species: Pangoro

Age: 35

Characteristic: Mischievous

Nature: Rash

Move Set:



Wife: Cheryl

Son: Toga

Head strong and violent, yet if you get on his good side he will be Calm and Docile. He's very courageous and prideful of his work and his skills are just beyond great--deadly too. Tho even if he is seen scary to get along with he is a good guy, he does not attack unless to protect the ones he loves dearly, His tribe respects and loves him because he never leaves a comrade behind in the face of death and also sends gifts to the to those who are sick or in the need of help. His most prize possession--is pretty much his son; Toga. Pretty much everyone loves his son too; not because he's going to be future leader--but his respect and love for his tribe as well and that's something that Guga loves about his son(to the point he tries to spoil him a lot but Toga isn't the one to get full attention even if he's the only child).


-Was made Leader of his tribe after the big battle between him and the shiny Tyrantrum that was terrorizing there home, with the help of his best friends; Abo and Cheryl, He was able to defeat him, and on this day he carries the skull on his shoulder to show how strong he is, and a symbol of him being leader.
-Many years back(and sorry to switch up the scene), Guga's great great great grandfather has beef with the great x3 king of Gang Tie's, pretty much they both wanted more land to take over(One wanted more freedom land while the other wanted land for fortune). The battle was brutal into the very end--in the end both nations declared to not bother each other unless they have an important discussion over where they want to control, pretty much it's been going well until now.
-Has a wife, Cheryl, is actually more scary than he is--pretty much she's the main person to get Guga to calm down his rash actions, but don't worry, her nature is far more gentle and Jolly; she would never think of hurting others, unless they disrespect her, Guga, or pretty much anyone at that.


Mission 7: Yes We Khan

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