This brawny charizard is Alaric's Captain of the Royal Guard. Friends with the king since they were fairly young, Gawain has seen a lot of how the kingdom is run. In his prime Gawain was a lean fighting machine. Adonai wanted for nothing and its knights were in top shape. Now, after the fall of his former home, Gawain is a shell of himself though none the less powerful.He commands much of his original valor and vigor, but does not pour his heart and soul into his work as he once did; for regret of the past or fear of tragedy, who can say?

What one can distinguish about him is that he has become much more a sour and solemn dragon of late, saving his wit for battle and cheer for only those who happen upon it by chance. That is not to say Gawain is always unhappy, for although he dons a frown more often than a smile, he cannot help but let his pride and joy show for those whom he deems to have noble hearts and have impressed him; much of delight Gawain feels these days is from watching those who trained or are training under him grow.


Gawain met Alaric during the beginning of the latter’s travels as a young Servine prince. Gawain, a charmeleon at the time, joined the prince and, upon his return in Adonai, soon became the then newly crowned king’s captain of the guard. However, though they may now be as close as brothers, this was a friendship that took time to grow over the years they travelled together and their relationship certainly wasn’t as smooth at the start.

Gawain served Alaric and the people of Adonai for some years, being renowned for his skills and leadership. Adonai’s guard was known to be strong and honourable, sharing the passionate fire for the kingdom that their commander did. However, though the fall of Adonai may not have fully doused his flames, they are no longer as warm and kind as they used to be. And to keep his fires lit, Gawain now often turns to the bottom of the glass, to forget his failures and regrets.

And though Gawain still performs his duties and will act strong in front of his lord and people, it affects his abilities and judgement. Though most people might think the dragon’s mood swings and attitude are normal, those who know him better worry greatly about him bottling it all up.