Gawaine Serious


Name: Gawain

Title: Captain of the Royal Guard

Nation: Aether

Species: Charizard

Age: 35

Birthday: June 3rd

Characteristic: Likes to Fight

Nature: Brave

Move Set:

Swords Dance ~ Sunny Day

Flare Blitz ~ Solar Beam

Outrage ~ Dragon Claw



This brawny charizard is Alaric's Captain of the Royal Guard. Friends with the king since they were fairly young, Gawain has seen a lot of how the kingdom is run. In his prime Gawain was a lean fighting machine. Adonai wanted for nothing and its knights were in top shape. Now, after the fall of his former home, Gawain is a shell of himself though none the less powerful.


Early Years:


Mission 2: Gawain escorted Lady Zeena into the throne room to see Alaric , despite his atempts to stop her. He warns Alaric about the dangers of letting the Diseased Hoshizora Tribe in, but Alaric desides to give them shelter. 

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