Gaius is a rather anal bug. Though he is pleasant enough to talk to time to time, his know-it-all attitude and need for precision make him rather difficult to live with. However, his attention to detail and strong sense of OCD make him the ideal keeper of information, a skill which Alaric has tapped into. Gaius was simply Adonai 's town librarian until he was recognized for his skills and made the Royal Librarian and Records Keeper.




Early Years and Adonai:

Though it's written that Gaius' race is Aetherian, he didn't actually come from Aether, but from a faraway country called Adonai across the sea on another continent. Not much is known about his past, though some speculate that he didn't show nearly as much interest in music as the rest of his family and community where he came from, instead preferring to spend his days at the town's library and gather as much knowledge as he could. Eventually, he met a younger Alaric and became friends with him, with Alaric being particularly impressed by the Kricketune's knowledge and advice, and when the Serperior inherited the throne of his father's kingdom of Adonai, he had no qualms instantly hiring Gaius to be his personal advisor, a position that Gaius was only too happy to oblige.


He helped King Alaric rule Adonai until the dark day suddenly came when Xenith the Glaceon came with his forces and took over the kingdom in a way commonly remembered as "a great wave of darkness." Gaius helped the king and his people flee Adonai and board a ship to sail across the sea, where they stumbled upon what is now known as the Kingdom of Aether on the continent of Avalon. To this day, Gaius has helped King Alaric in many matters, from letting him know when leaders from other countries want to talk to him to interviewing citizens from other countries of Avalon and recording down information about their tribes and hometowns in an attempt to find out more about this new land.