Gailamir is the name of a bunch of tribes that are the Pokemon-of-Avalon universe's equivalent of the real-life Vandals. The area the tribes are in is currently ruled by a shiny male Houndoom named Hilderic, and its patron is the Legendary Pokemon Entei. As they are a bunch of tribes created by group members, no two tribes will ever be the same.

Current Tribes

  • Jenigoths


The tribes of Gailamir are constantly on the move and always have been. Originating from groups of people who banded together for support since prehistoric times, they continue to do so in their own traditions today. A lot of their tribes seem to have an ongoing feud with the nation of Voluntas recently, though...


Gailamir tribes are primarily nomadic and warrior-oriented. They only live via hunting and gathering, and don’t use agriculture. Their weapons can either be forged or taken from unfortunate passerby/dead people. Socially, however, in their societies, they are quite equal, as everyone is needed to help the tribe in their own ways. They move quickly and efficiently, and are very self-sufficient.


Unknown at this time.


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