Gāng Tiě (钢铁 meaning: steel) is the Pokemon-of-Avalon universe's equivalent of real-life China. It is currently ruled by a shiny male Leavanny named Wei-Guang, and its patron is the Legendary Pokemon Cobalion.


Starting off as a settlement around a river, this society quickly grew large enough to start a dynasty in which rulers of the people began to be chosen by the Mandate of Heaven. Under it, the people believed that as long as good things happened under a ruler’s reign, they were chosen by the gods, and whenever lots of disasters and bad things happened, it meant they weren’t chosen anymore, so a new leader would take the throne. The society began to expand, and soon enough, it became one of the top nations that exported goods to and traded with the other nations.


In Gāng Tiě, the social belief of filial piety, or respect towards one’s elders, is important above all, and so was maintaining the balance of relations between the rulers and the people, the elders andyoung people, parents and children, etc. The country has many, many farmers that specialize in such foods as rice and wheat to feed the people. Their craftsmen are also excellent, having learned how to use gunpowder, make kites, and even developed a writing system made entirely of pictorial representations for each word. They are even very skilled when it comes to the carving of bronze and precious metals. Most notably, however, they also have very smart philosophers whose wisdom permeates all aspects of life in Gāng Tiě, from war strategy to the concept of filial piety and everything else in between.



  • Chanyu tribes (Mongolians)

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