Dracul Icon

Name: Dracul (It's not his full name)

Title: Informant

Nation: Unknown

Species: Noivern

Age: Unknown (he appears youthful but has been alive far far longer than his looks would suggest...)

Characteristic: -

Nature: -

Move Set:




Dracul is a intelligent and sophisticated Pokemon, known to possess a lot of knowledge about many things. With his charming and charismatic demeanor he appears to be quite open and friendly making it easy for him to acquire information or gain trust, though he is actually quite secretive about many things including himself. He's very good at deceiving and manipulating people, though that doesn't mean he's often lying, though he is very fond of teasing people. He is genuinely interested in people which makes him a very patient man and a great listener, he doesn't easily become visibly angered and isn't usually violent, choosing calmly "fighting" with words over physically harming someone.

He has a way with words, a master of persuasion and drawing people in, and talks in a calm and polite manner, even when insulting someone it will be in a clever subtle way. Though his words can be alluring be sure to keep your guard up, Dracul can be flirty and has a habit of seducing people (of either gender), don't get lost in his hypnotic gaze. He's quite fond of his "special red wine" and can often be seen drinking it, If you were asking him how it is made, he'd say the source was quite common, even if it wasn't unusually made into drinks. He never gets drunk though.


Not much is known about this Pokemon's history, though there are records of him that extend over centuries, yet he appears to be in the prime of his life.

  • Has many bat-like servants all over Avalon, mostly Zubat, this might be why he knows so much about the land, he has ears everywhere.
  • Dracul's servants include various bat-like Pokemon and some ghost types.
  • Dracul's most trusted servant and personal messenger is a male Crobat called Alphonse.
  • Dracul's ring has a Zubat like crest, he uses it to seal letters.
  • Dracul sometimes refers to his servants as children of the night.
  • There is a Rumor that Dracul is related to the Royal Draconis family.
  • Dracul owns a coffin, however it's not clear if he actually uses it, some servants tell he tries to sleep in a bed normally but sometimes ends up giving in to old habits and hanging upside down from the ceiling.
  • When asked about his relationships he will comment: "Ah I find most of my relations to be quite, fleeting, if you will. Not many linger here very long, willingly that is." And will most likely then turn attention away from himself by addressing you "Though I admit, you are most alluring my dear.".
  • Dracul nor his servants are effected by Birnam's "curse", in fact when they pass through the forest the Trevenant and his minions completely ignore them.


Mission 8: Uprooting the Dark's Hold and Going Batty

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