Charles is quite the haughty fellow when it comes to his intellectual prowess. After all, it earned him a good spot in the castle as the young Prince's own personal tutor. His pride in his knowledge and capability to comprehend the world around him is easily evident in the way he speaks. Quite often it makes him seem like a show off.


Another previous resident of the destroyed city of Adonai. He was born in the countryside to a family of farmers who mostly specialized around the cultivation of the potato plant. Unlike his brothers, Charles never developed an interest in the family trade. His beak was always stuck onto the few books they had laying around. Eventually he made a decision to leave the farm behind in order to pursue a better education. It took a while before he could find a teacher willing to take this poor farmboy under their wing. Luckily by the grace of the gods he was able to find one who would guide him through the path of knowledge.

Years after his studies he began to travel through the kingdom to further pursue his unsatiable desire for knowledge. He took a special interest around the study of the origin of the species, though for a while he kept his research a secret. Not many 'mons looked up to the knowledgable, especially when their studies contradicted their beliefs. Eventually he settled down by Adonai's capital to turn to teaching. He gained a bit of fame even, and was offered a job at the castle as the new prince's tutor. He would serve as the boy's guide and mentor through the years as they prepared the prince to rule in his adoptive father's stead.

He was later appointed as the Prince's advisor some time after the flood. It was clear that the Prince still needed some guidance after his tutoring had been done. It was an honour at first, though the extra time Charles has to spend watching after the prince now feels more like a babysitting job than anything. Contrary to what most people believe, the prince is quite a handful to watch after.

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