The Chanyu Tribes (meaning: sons of endless sky/nomadic surpreme rulers) are the Pokemon-of-Avalon universe's equivalent of the real-life Mongolians. As they are a bunch of tribes created entirely by group members, no two tribes will ever be the same. The country's patron is the Legendary Pokemon Raikou.

Current Tribes

None yet.


The Chanyu tribes are a bunch of nomads who, ever since they were first formed, always sought to expand their territory. They seem to have a somewhat ongoing feud with the people of Gāng Tiě and Gunjynh nearby.


As the tribes are nomads, their animal skinned houses are designed that allows them to easily move around whenever they need to. The entrances and exits of their houses face south, which they believe is the direction good luck comes from. They are also fearsome warriors whose main prowess is that in speed and mobility, especially with large numbers of archers and swordsmen along with those on horseback designed to charge at their enemies and overpower them with their sheer numbers. In fact, even when up against larger forces, their primary strategy is to first charge at the enemy, and then split up to surround the enemy so it looks like they're everywhere.

The Chanyu tribes are also among the most brutal when it comes to war; slaughtering absolutely everyone in the towns and cities they attack, including even going so far as to chase the rulers and leaders of these places to leave no one alive...except for the artisans. In fact, they allow multiple religions and beliefs to coexist among the people and territory they conquer, and they keep detailed written records of their expansions, too. While they sacked cities, they also left the governmental structures of those placed intact, and placed taxes so they could profit from the places they conquered, too.

Most notably, among the Chanyu tribes, whenever a tribal leader (known as a "Khan") dies, his closest supporters proceed to bury him or her in a secret location along with all their prized possession, and then they all commit suicide so that no one can ever find out where the Khan was buried. In fact, if they meet ANYONE on the way to the burial site, those people are immediately killed on sight, too. In addition, all the close relatives that the people in the burial procession knows are also killed so to keep the location of the burial an absolute secret. This strategy works; to date, no one has ever discovered a burial location of a Khan.


Unknown at this time.


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