Reforging tough luck part 1 by buijesty-d6u4a29

Name: Bavor Aurum

Race: Aether (Medieval Europe)

Residence: Aether

Species: Dragonite

Age: 22

Birthday: December 14th

Characteristic: Proud of his power

Nature: Brave

Move Set:

Extreme Speed ~ Dragon Breath

Thunder Wave ~ Ice Beam

Bavor Aurum is a Dragonite from Faversholm, a town in the nation of Aether. He's a Blacksmith, and is a character by Buijesty.


Very friendly and fun-loving, yet can easily be irritated. Often hides negative emotions such as sorrow or fear. Quite confident in his abilities to perform things that require physical strength.

History Before ArrivalEdit

As a Dratini, he was very shy and easily frightened. His only means of socializing was making little squeaky noises and gestures with his serpentine body. Upon evolution to Dragonair, he became more sociable, yet was picked on for his former behavior. He became a blacksmith's assistant, where he would help heat up metals with his Dragon Breath. When his mentor became severely ill, he had to fill in for him. His lack of arms made his job very difficult. He had to temporarily close his workshop so that he could train to evolve and gain arms as a Dragonite. He succeeded, but was infuriated when his workshop was about to be demolished. He shouted angrily at the servants who were to destroy the workshop, but this caused them to retaliate by laughing at him. While it seemed to not be bothersome to other inhabitants, to Bavor it was like being crushed. He chased the servants away, but this earned him more negative attention from the townspeople. Ashamed, he set out for a kingdom he had heard about from his parents for a chance at a new life.

History After ArrivalEdit

He's helped Isaac reforge his dagger, though this caused him to use the last of his usable materials for his work. He made a behest for other prepared citizens to find metals for him, giving a reward of 5,000 Cressents.