Atalo is a young Riolu from Arthipron, hearing stories about the kingdom of Aether and becoming curious, he snuck out of town in a merchant's cart hiding between his wares. Atalo has as his name suggests a youthful demeanor, he does occasionally misbehave, doesn't always think things through and sometimes seems to think he's capable of doing more than he actually can. He wears a simple Chiton, with sandals and a gold necklace.

Traveling to Aether:Edit

He and his friends overheard others talk about people coming from and heading to what most knew to be an abandoned ruined city, even their leader; Lord Pausanius, had gone there briefly. That place, with enough stories and rumors surrounding it's past and present to keep most people away, and was even believed by many to be haunted, people who were living there were up to no good was whispered.

Talking about it with his friends Atalo wanted to prove his bravery and capabilities by going there to investigate.
But it turns out he gets more than he bargained for.

Wanted Poster 1:Edit

Very soon after he arrived in Aether, Atalo was kidnapped by a female Misdreavus who feeds upon the fear of others and seems to have a "particular 'appetite' for the fear of children." Lucky for Atalo, the Sneasel archer, Dalias, witnessed his kidnapping and reported it to the king as soon as possible; once the king knew of the boy's kinapping, he had a wanted poster made for the Misdreavus and asked his subjects to go out and save the boy from her and try to stop her from taking any more children in the future. Atalo was saved by the people of Aether soon after.