Asher Azol

Name: Asher Azol

Race: Aether (Medieval Europe)

Residence: Aether

Species: Honchkrow

Age: 22

Birthday: September 19

Characteristic: Somewhat stubborn

Nature: Serious

Move Set:

Fly ~ Shadow Ball

Dark Pulse ~ Psychic


Father: Blake (Braviary)

Mother: Sapphire (Honchkrow)

Asher Azol is a Honchkrow from the nation of Aether. He is a nurse currently living in the kingdom of Aether, and is and a character created by the-cavern-gied.


Asher is a stubborn Pokémon who believes that connecting with people mentally is better then any medicine, so he lives by the saying “medicine is only half of the cure”. He has a very close bond to his family even to the point where anything he will do anything for them.

History Before ArrivalEdit

Born in to a traditional English town to a family run tavern where in his younger years he stayed with his parents helping cleaning up, until a local gang tore up and burned the tavern down, his farther died in the fire trying to protect his wife and son witch were badly burned, nurses stayed up night and day to save Asher and his mother they saved Asher but his mother needed constant care so Asher and his mother moved to the country with his grandparents. When he was 13 his grandfather got him interested in medicine via helping out the village and caring for his mother, everything was going good his grandfather got him a place in a local medical school and his mother was getting better, on the 19th of September Asher’s mother took a turn for the worse being rushed in to hospital where she passed away. This shocking news caused Asher to close him self of with the world until one day one of the gang members that burned down his parents tavern came to the hospital where Asher was learning at and he dragged him to one side to say that he was riddled with guilt and that he was going to turn him self in but first he wanted to say sorry to Asher, seeing this person again brought up so many feelings to build up he told the gang member that “nothing can bring them back and if your truly sorry then I forgave you” with that said he felt like a weight was lifted form him and with this new found peace he passed medical school and journeyed to the land of Avalon for a new life.

History After ArrivalEdit

Asher currently resieds in the infirmary helping the residents when there sick or injured, he helped out when the Hoshizora (now Pelaruna) tribe fell sick.