Artiphron is a neighboring nation of Aether, the main setting of the story. It is based on Ancient Greece, and is the home of King Pausanius the shiny Absol. Their patron is the Legendary Pokemon Uxie.


Artiphron consists of several massive city-states, whose individual governments range anywhere from monarchies to democracies. They all follow King Pausanius. There are two main capitols, though, which is unusual compared to most nations who only have one capitol.

  • Sofia (This city is based off of Athens, and is the residence of Pausanius and Pythia)
  • Sidero (This city is based off of Sparta)


The origins of the country now known as Artiphron came when people began to settle among the incredibly mountainous peninsula and develop a bunch of city-states among them. As a result, the people became powerful warriors and great traders, sailors, and scholars. Artiphron was an ally of the country that reigned in the land where Aether is now, before Alaric's arrival.


Life could vary depending on which city-state people lived in. For example, in Sidero (Sparta), a powerful military is valued above all. The strongest children with the highest battle potential are taken from their families at age 7 and serve in it until they turn 40 or so, while everyone else in the city-state are relatively freer, except that they’re highly encouraged to train and exercise hard so that the children they produce have the possibility of being of high potential.

In Sofia (Athens), on the other hand, knowledge and wisdom are valued instead, so scholars and philosophers thrive. The citizens are excellent at astronomy, math, and even medicine, being the first to have a widespread system of doctors and medical services throughout the city-state. Playwrights create tragedies and comedies to entertain people in huge outdoor theatres that can hold thousands of people. The city-state also has a form of government known as a democracy in which every landowning person gets to meet to make decisions.

The people of Artiphron are also excellent builders; able to create incredibly lifelike statues out of marble, as well as temples with distinct styles of columns in which they worship their gods. Music, art, and especially literature plays a big part in their lives, and since their land isn’t very good for growing food, they typically have to import food from outer regions where it is easier to grow.


Unknown at this time.


Important NPCs

Pausanius - the King

Pythia- the Oracle

Uxie- Patron

Minotaurus - the Protector of the Labyrinth of Wisdom

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