Anna Icon

Name: Anna Grayhearth

Title: Head maid of Alaric's castle

Nation: Aether

Species: Cinccino

Age: 34

Birthday: -

Characteristic: Very Finicky

Nature: Hardy

Move Set:

  • Tail Slap
  • Swift
  • Helping Hand
  • Thunder Wave

Family: -

She can be a tad bit cold and untrusting towards newcomers at first, thinking they are solely here to cause a mess in the castle she works so hard to keep in perfect condition. Some say it’s a Cinccino thing that makes her such a cleaning freak, although others speculate she makes up for the loss of her husband by working hard with little to no rest.

Despite her first impression, Anna is a kindhearted woman, though she only shows her true nature to those she believes are worthy of her trust.


She was but a humble maid back in Adonai who had fallen in love with a knight as she began to work in the castle at a young age. The two had married years later when she reached the age of proper womanhood. After the mess that flooded their old kingdom left her widowed, she was forced to abandon her husband’s corpse against her will as she was brought to safety with the rest of the survivors. Upon arriving in the land, now known as Aether, she was given the role of head maid, being one of the few castle servants that had actually survived. Alaric saw it as a fitting title for the Cinccino who had proven her worth in the past as a loyal servant.


Mission 5: The Mad King