Name: Aetius

Title: Caesar of Voluntas

Nation: Voluntas

Species: Shiny Pidgeot

Age: 44

Characteristic: Hates to lose

Nature: Serious


Wife: ??? (Swoobat, deceased)

Son: Tulius (Swoobat)

Aetius is a shiny Pidgeot who is the Caesar of Voluntas. He's dealing with conflict between both Artiphron and Gailamir at the moment, but is willing to allow the new people from Aether serve as entertainment for his people...for now.


Aetius is a very serious, xenophobic ruler, and has a particular hatred for the people of both Artiphron and Gailamir, whom he considers his biggest rivals and threats in terms of him being able to expand his empire. He is very reluctant to admit that he ever makes mistakes, and only wants what is best for his people and his people only, most especially, his son Tulius the Swoobat, the prince of Voluntas, even going so far as to not allow him to exit the country's boundaries. He is not a very easy man to befriend at all.


Aetius didn't always start out as such a serious ruler; in fact, he was quite carefree in his younger days and enjoyed everything that Voluntas had to offer, from philosophy to the coliseum and every form of entertainment avaliable. He never really seemed to care that his country pretty much copied everything from entertainment to the major gods from Artiphron; rather, in fact, he was in the majority opinion that they did things better than Artiphron ever could. His acute sense of reading people and knowing what the public wanted allowed him to rise to eventually become the Caesar of Voluntas. (It also helped a lot that he was a shiny Pokemon.) And because of the demands that the position of power allowed, he had to become very opinionated and unyielding in order for much to even get done.

Shortly afterward, he married a Swoobat and started a family, with a single son named Tulius, but then tragedy struck. During a battle with Gailamir on the country's outskirts, his wife was killed thanks to a stray arrow, and he has maintained a serious grudge against Gailamir since then. Little does he know that the people of Gailamir blame HIS country for killing THEIR queen too, making the fighting even more intense than ever.

Now, as he's trying to deal with Gailamir and discovers King Alaric's people arriving from that strange, haunted kingdom of Aether, he's just about had enough. To take his mind off of the constant fighting, he's sending the Aetherians to amuse the general Voluntan public in chariot races and gladiator fights, with them unaware of the true plans he has in mind for them regarding the Test of Willpower once they get through this...

Missions and EventsEdit

In Mission 4, he first appeared when Alaric came to greet him and ask to take the Trial of Willpower. To prove that Alaric's people were truly ready for the test, Aetius decided to place them in the coliseum to provide entertainment for his people. His true motives are unknown at the moment...