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Aether Kingdom Map

The Kingdom of Aether (meaning: upper air of the sky) is the main setting for Pokemon of Avalon, where the OCs live. It is ruled by Alaric the shiny Serperior, who previously ruled Adonai on another continent. It is the capital city of the much larger nation that is also now named Aether.


Aether was established after the destruction of Adonai during the Great War. Alaric and his followers moved to an unknown land and cultivated it. Aether's name was thought up by Amy Apirana Sumiura the Jigglypuff, and its official flag was designed by Paradox Quinn the Meowth.

When Alaric and his people first came to Aether, it didn't even have a name, and was in complete ruins. However, as of Mission 2, it has been revealed that the ruins of the kingdom was actually from a kingdom that was destroyed 1,000 years ago during the Great War, and subsequently, the largest genocide in history.

2,000 years ago, a meteor crashed from the moon, from which Pokemon of the Clefairy and Jigglypuff evolutionary lines came to follow Cresselia's wishes for her "Children of the moon" to establish a new kingdom. For 1,000 years after that, they flourished with the help of the Celestial Stone, an extremely powerful artifact, until the Great War in which the unknown enemy tried to take it from them.

The young Clefable king who had just evolved during the coronation ceremony used the Celestial Stone's power to successfully seal it away from the enemy. However, in order to do so, it took away the Fairy-typing from his people and all who lived in the kingdom, for the next 1,000 years. And it is said that the ghosts of all the people who were unjustly massacred that horrible day still haunt the kingdom at night and attack people sometimes, causing many countries to avoid it on the grounds that their spirits could be stolen too.

Eight months after Alaric and his people arrived, the fated 1,000th anniversary of the massacre had arrived, and all the Pokemon species who had lost their Fairy-typing that day began to fall very ill. They needed to return the Celestial Stone to its original altar on the mountain, but the formerly Clefable king Jackson, now a Gengar, wanted to test the people of the land to see if they were worthy of doing so. He made people's shadows attack them at night, and told the Lunatone Priest Chaldene that only those who had successfully defeated their shadows would be worthy to enter his chamber. In the end, the people successfully passed Jackson's tests and returned the Celestial Stone to its altar, saving the lives of all Fairy-types and bringing their typing back.


Because the capital city of Aether is a new kingdom, its values are still in the process of creation; however, its culture seems to be primarily based off of real life Medieval Europe from the towns in the surrounding area and the fact that the majority of its residents happen to be from said area. At the same time, though, people from all other nations are also allowed to move into the kingdom with King Alaric's approval, resulting in a melting pot of cultures just like the real life United States of America. It does, however, follow a monarchy system of government with the king being the primary ruler of the city.

Royal House

Alaric -- The King

Nicolas -- Prince

Gawain -- Captain of the Guard

Guinevere -- The Court Physician

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