Gang Tie Palace Map

Abo Relieved: This may look a messy and odd - I'll admit, I had this by memory while our tribe was on the road to Aether City... - the information in this map is still good and will come in handy, I assure you!

Abo Icon: The Palace of the Gang Tie Emperor is, in a word, gigantic. It is so large that it has sometimes been referred to as a city itself! it is well keep and well guarded, so getting into it is no easy feat, but it is not impossible. The main entrance to the palace is the massive gate facing the south, it is well lit and is in the view of four watch towers, all housing at least 10 guards at a time, so I'd suggest avoiding it. Speaking of guard towers, there are 12 in the palace, the four main ones at each corner of the palace's outer wall, the two small towers by the main entrance, the two towers at the front of the palace itself, and four in the back of the palace. Consider these towers the main source of guards and act cautiously around them.

Abo Worried: Then there's all of the buildings inside of the walls that are not the palace... these buildings are home to the emperor's various concubines. You're certainly safer in and around these buildings then you'd be by a guard tower, the outer wall, or in the grounds of the palace, but it is unlikely any of the concubines wouldn't rat you out to the guards if they discovered you, so be way here as well.

Abo Happy: I speak of all of the unsafe places in the city - and there are many - but lucky for you all, they are some safe places as well! The green dots I've marked on the map are place where the guards don't seem to go - it's strange, they treat these areas almost like they're haunted or cursed... In any case, you are safe there, so feel free to hide there! Moreover, the palace stands upon a large series of underground tunnels which you may make use of as well, though I wouldn't be surprise if 4-5 guards weren't down there.

Abo Icon: Once you make it to the palace itself, try to get to the west wing, there is a secret entrance their used by the Shi Twins for quick access into the palace, just try to avoid said twins. Once inside, make your way to the dungeon and free our tribeswomen and Tuga. Good luck, Aetherians!

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