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Name: Abo

Title: Advisor/Historian

Nation: Chanyu Tribes

Species: *Malmarr*

Age: 30

Characteristic: Somewhat vain

Nature: Careful

Move Set:




Intelligent, Careful and sarcastic; Abo fits the title to be Advisor and Historian. Pretty much he is Guga's right hand man and the pretty much the one he trust the most to take his anger out on in talking. Abo's HQ pretty much helps out when it comes to battling other nations for land-let alone helps being stealthy when getting around. Tho don't scare him-he tends to ink a lot when startled. Other than that he's pretty ok to intact with and likes to meet new people (just so he can get more private information about others//not creepy at all)


-Along with Guga and Cheryl, Abo was one of the main people to take down the shiny Tyrantrum that terrorized there homeland, Even tho he had the brains to be a leader, he didn't wish to take credit, instead he just wants to be historian and the King's Advisor. Besides if it wasn't for Guga's can-do attitude, Abo won't have been able to run away from home to join there adventure!
-Abo's life at home was pretty much terrible, his mother and father didn't care much about him because of his shiny color palette, they pretty much put more love in his sisters and brothers more than Abo, heck even everyone in the village didn't like him that well, but as a gain to this he was able to read up a lot of books and be alone without anyone bothering him, so that was a plus.
-Abo didn't meet Guga until they were in their teen age, Guga was tired of others picking on him because of his shiny color, pretty much Guga stuck up for him and was willing to fight anyone that picked on him. Since then Abo adored him for the person he is and always stuck beside him, never wanting to leave his side.


Mission 7: Yes We Khan

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